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We have now been running our distance learning courses for over five years. In that time, we have been improving the course materials and the way we deliver them. Now, and particularly with the advent of mobile devices, we use a combination of carefully narrated e-learning presentations combined with relevant practical exercises. Our course feedback suggests this give the best learning solution, giving the clearest delivery and the most flexibility.

To find out more about the on-line Excellent IT Management course, click here
To find out more about the on-line Excellent IT Leadership course, click here

The distance learning courses ares based on the public courses, Excellent IT Management and Excellent IT Leadership. The following is a summary of the e-learning modules for the two courses:


Module 1

IT strategy

  • Introduction to strategy
  • Creating top level (business) strategy
  • A process for developing IT strategy
  • Optimizing and communicating IT strategy

Module 2

Project management

  • Creating and reviewing project business cases
  • Project management guidelines
  • Business change leadership
  • Managing a portfolio of projects

Module 3

Operational excellence

  • Continual service improvement
  • ITIL, Lean IT and six sigma
  • Operational decision making
  • Getting the most from your vendors

Module 4

Crisis management

  • Preparing for a crisis
  • Risk management
  • Guidelines for managing crises
  • Problem solving under pressure

Module 5

Commercial acumen

  • IT sourcing strategy and sourcing guidelines
  • What IT managers need to know about contracts
  • The art of negotiating IT agreements
  • Finance for IT managers

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Module 1

Personal leadership

  • Guidelines and time profiles
  • What CEOs look for in their CIOs
  • Emotional intelligence for IT managers
  • Leadership opportunities – what makes the difference

Module 2

Leading IT teams

  • A model of World Class IT Teams
  • Managing IT teams
  • Creating harmony (& handling difficult situations)
  • Coaching for top performance

Module 3

Politics & influence

  • Recognizing leadership type
  • Corporate politics for IT managers
  • Creating campaigns of influence
  • Business relationship management

Module 4

Technology & innovation

  • The process and culture of innovation
  • Techniques for creative problem solving
  • A technology roadmap to the future
  • Communicating technology

Module 5

Corporate leadership

  • Aligning IT to business priorities
  • IT governance
  • Building personal brand
  • Charting a career to the next level

To find out more about the on-line Excellent IT Leadership course and the different pricing options, click here

Both the Excellent IT Management and Excellent IT Leadership courses are now available as distance-learning programs. There is a choice of three course study structures – bronze, silver and gold – depending on your learning priorities and budget.
With the bronze format delegates have access to the twenty narrated e-learning presentations (typically 30 minutes each) and the workbook containing course materials and the 20 course assignments. The silver option also gives access to five scheduled live webinars which we run twice a year. The gold option gives you all this plus three one-on-one online coaching sessions. The table below shows the options in more detail. The on-line webinars run from March to June and October to December. Although most delegates join at the formal start date, you are free to join the programme at any time.

Please note that these e-learning presentations are continually updated and the subjects can change from time to time. If specific content is particularly important to you, please check with one of our sales team.